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Terms & Conditions

Members T&C and Car Booking T&C

    1. The House of Classics (“HOC”) is owned and operated by Zung Fu Company Limited (“Zung Fu”).
    2. HOC will provide members with a variety of services and experiences depending on the agreement signed by the member. The terms and conditions applicable to the Membership are set out in these “Terms and Conditions”.
    3. Each member contracts with HOC to host their membership. HOC reserves the right in its absolute discretion to change the company with whom a member contracts from time to time or these terms and conditions.
    4. HOC reserves the right to amend or modify the Membership tiers, status, and structure and/or these Terms and Conditions at its sole discretion at any time, with notice to Member. Membership modifications may include changes to benefits, redemption requirements and the features of special offers. A Member’s continued use of the Membership will constitute acceptance of the amendments and modifications.b>“Terms and Conditions”.
    1. By completing and submitting your application for Membership via our website or in person, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.
    2. The Membership Committee shall have sole discretion as to who shall become a member of HOC. This Agreement shall commence upon the acceptance of the Membership Application by HOC and the payment of the fees required for Membership (the “Commencement Date”).
    3. Membership Criteria. Members must meet certain minimum requirements for eligibility into HOC’s Membership, as set forth in this Section 2.3 (the “Membership Criteria”).
      1. Age requirement: You must be at least twenty-five (25) years of age
      2. Licensing requirement: You must have a valid driver’s licence duly issued under the laws of Hong Kong for at least 3 consecutive years. You must have accurately, truthfully, and fully completed the application with us and have delivered all information and documents requested in the application process. You must not have omitted something in your responses to the application which would make what you did say in any way misleading.
      3. Driving license not suspended within the past 5 years
      4. Clean claims record within the past 3 years: You must have a “clean driving record” (as defined below) and must continue to maintain a valid licence and clean driving record for the duration of your membership. Before using the vehicle for the first time, we must inspect, verify and record your proof of address issued within the last three months, driver’s licence and your Hong Kong Identity Card.
        A “clean driving record” consists of a driver’s licence status and accident history that does not include any of the following: (a) disqualification from driving, suspension, revocation, expiration, surrender or loss of your driver’s licence, (b) a conviction for any driving-related offence for careless or dangerous driving, driving under the influence, driving while intoxicated or impaired, possession of a stolen vehicle, unauthorised use of a vehicle, or use of the vehicle in the commission of a crime, (c) 3 or more moving violations within the past 36 months, (d) failure to report an accident or leaving the scene of an accident within the past 36 months, or (e) conviction for possession of a stolen vehicle or the use of a vehicle in the commission of a crime in the past 36 months.
      5. Not exceeding 8 driving offence points incurred/deduced or driving prosecution pending within the past 2 years.
      6. No charge with committed any criminal driving offence in the last 5 years.
    4. By applying for Membership, you expressly authorise us to check your driving record at any time to determine if you meet the above Membership Criteria at the outset of your Membership and at any other time so long as your Membership is active.
    5. Failure to meet the Membership Criteria now or at any time in the future shall result in the immediate and automatic revocation of our conditional permission to you to operate any vehicle or be a member of HOC.
      1. As part of the application you agree to provide HOC with the following documents:
      2. Driving License
      3. Hong Kong ID or Passport
      4. Proof of address
    6. Providing fictitious, outdated, incorrect or false information may result in termination of your Membership and forfeiture of all Benefits.
    7. By applying for membership, you give permission for HOC to run background checks on you and your documents to verify authenticity.
    8. HOC will store the results of the background checks along with your photograph in our membership database. By becoming a member of HOC, you agree that we can hold your personal details and a photograph of you for us to use in connection with your membership and for the purposes set out in the HOC Privacy Statement. If your contact or payment details change, please let us know.
    9. Membership Credentials. Your member password is personal to you only. You must not transfer or share it to or with any other person. You must not permit any other person to access your account information and your Profile.
    10. Reservations.
      1. Upon our acceptance of you as a member, you will have the right to submit requests for reservations of a vehicle to HOC. You are not guaranteed that any vehicle (or any particular vehicle) will be available when you submit a reservation request. Further, we reserve the right to decline, in our sole discretion, any request for a vehicle reservation you submit.
      2. When you make a reservation to book our vehicle (the “Vehicle”) under the Car Booking Agreement, your reservation has been submitted to us subject to our approval. Vehicles must be booked at least 48 hours in advance. If you cancel an approved reservation less than 48 hours before the reservation deadline or do not take possession of the booked Vehicle within 1 hour of the expiration of the reservation, your request for a reservation will automatically expire and the booked Vehicle will be released for others to reserve and we have the right to impose Cancellation Charges on you.
      3. Members are not generally permitted to make multiple reservations for different vehicles which we consider to be excessive in our absolute discretion, especially reservations which overlap in time. If this happens, we reserve the right at our sole discretion to remove or edit the content of any such reservation, or to cancel reservations.
    11. Vehicle Access. Members are only permitted access to booked Vehicles subject to the terms and conditions of each applicable Car Booking Agreement
    12. Non-Ownership. You acknowledge that the Vehicles are owned by Zung Fu or one of our affiliated companies. You do not obtain any ownership interest in any booked Vehicle by becoming a Member. Only we or one of our affiliated companies may assign or otherwise transfer any Vehicle or assign any rights or delegate any obligations under this Agreement. You may not assign any of your rights or delegate any of your obligations as a party to this Agreement or as a Member.
    13. By submitting your application, you agree to HOC Privacy Statement.
    14. Integrated Documents. Your membership is subject to the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement, Car Booking Agreement, your Profile, any Communications, and any other document you sign or we provide, each as may be amended from time to time, whether provided in print form or electronically (collectively, the “Member Documents”). The terms of all such Member Documents are collectively incorporated into this Agreement. To the extent the terms of any of the Member Documents conflict, the order of authority among the Member Documents shall be as follows: (a) the applicable Car Booking Agreement, (b) this Agreement, (c) any other documents you sign or we provide, (d) any Communications, and (e) your Profile.
    1. Truthfulness of Representations. You agree that the information you provide to us, including the information you provide in your Profile, is true, current and accurate, and that we are entitled to rely upon all such information as being true, current and accurate. If any information you previously provided changes, you agree to provide us (or update in your Profile, if applicable) promptly with updated information.
    2. Credit Card. You agree to provide the information for a valid credit card at the time you create your enrolment Profile, and to keep a valid and acceptable credit card in your Profile at all times that your Membership is active. If such credit card expires, is lost or stolen or is otherwise invalidated, or if the account associated with the card we have on file is suspended, terminated or otherwise not available for us to charge, you agree to promptly provide an alternative valid credit card. You authorise us to charge your credit card for all charges incurred by you related to Vehicle reservations and all other payment under this Agreement or Car Booking Agreement, and you agree to pay for those charges pursuant to your agreement with your credit card company. You further authorize us to make any inquiries we consider necessary (including requesting your consumer report from one or more consumer reporting agencies) in connection with any reservation and/or a Vehicle and for any other lawful purpose (including credit card validations, holds and collecting on your account).
    3. Security Breach. In the event that another person learns or discovers your password to the Website (a “Security Breach”), you agree to notify us immediately.
    4. Compliance with Membership Criteria. If you cease to fully meet the Membership Criteria, you must (i) immediately cease operating any vehicle you have obtained from us; and (ii) immediately notify us of the change in your driver’s license status or driving record. You may not make a reservation until you again fully meet the Membership Criteria.
    1. HOC reserves the right to charge members a membership fee and ad hoc fees for events and other services. The right to amend or waive any such fees from time to time shall be in HOC’s sole discretion.
    2. The term of this Agreement shall continue, unless otherwise terminated in accordance with this Agreement, for the duration of the package selected from the commencement date. HOC may, in its sole discretion, for reason sufficient to it, extend the term of the Membership.
    3. Upon approval of your Membership, your Membership fees become payable immediately. By providing us with your payment details, you accept and consent to being charged with Membership fees in the form requested by HOC upon your application being approved.
    4. Failure to pay the Membership fees within one month of the due date will result in the member not being admitted to HOC and the Membership being terminated.
    5. The HOC Membership fees are not refundable transferable or exchangeable under any circumstances and regardless of whether HOC terminates the Membership.
    6. The Member shall promptly pay all costs incurred including Membership fees, driving charges, damages, penalties and other costs as provided in any fees and penalty schedules in effect from time to time regardless as whether or not such schedules are generally publicized.
    7. Membership commences immediately upon payment of Membership fees. Members are not permitted to defer to start date of their membership.
    8. Only those that register for the Membership can enjoy the benefits of HOC. Members are not permitted to transfer or share their Membership with their acquaintances and other parties.
    9. In order to make purchases from HOC, Member will be required to provide your personal details. In particular, you must provide your real name, phone number, e-mail address and other requested information as indicated. Furthermore, you will be required to provide payment details that you represent and warrant are both valid and correct and you confirm that you are the person referred to in the Billing information provided. By doing this, you authorise HOC to debit your credit card with the full amount.
    10. By making an offer to purchase you expressly authorise us to perform credit checks and where HOC feels necessary, to transmit or to obtain information (including any updated information) about you to or from third parties, including but not limited to your credit/debit card number or credit reports (including credit reports for your spouse if you reside in a community property jurisdiction), to authenticate your identity, to validate your credit/debit card, to obtain an initial credit/debit card authorization and to authorise individual purchase transactions. Furthermore, you agree that we may use Personal Information provided by you in order to conduct appropriate anti fraud checks. Personal Information that you provide may be disclosed to a credit reference or fraud prevention agency, which may keep a record of that information
    11. The Member shall pay HOC for all fees including:
      1. Monthly membership subscription fees (you can opt to pay the subscription fees for the entire subscription period upfront or deduct such monthly membership subscription fees from your credit card on a monthly basis);
      2. Deposit for Vehicle, it will be an authorization on your credit card and when Vehicle is returned to HOC without damage and a full tank of fuel, the authorization will be released.
      3. Booking fees or deposit relating to events and experiences. For certain events, a ticketing fee (“Ticketing Fee”) may be charged, which may be modified from time to time in HOC’s sole discretion. The booking fee, deposit, Ticketing Fee, and all other fees related thereto will be deduct from your credit card in advance.
      4. Services fees for any other additional services and benefits provided by HOC and/or HOC’s partners.
    12. Payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro and any other methods which may be clearly advertised on by HOC from time to time. Payment will be debited and cleared from your account upon confirmation of your order by HOC. You confirm that the credit/debit card that is being used is yours or that you have been specifically authorised by the owner of the credit/debit card to use it. All credit/debit card holders are subject to validation checks and authorisation by the card issuer. If the issuer of your payment card refuses to authorize payment to HOC, we will not be liable for any delay or non-delivery.
    13. We take reasonable care to make the purchase experience with HOC secure. All credit/debit card transactions on this site are processed using Global Payments, the world’s premiere payment ecosystem and secure online payment gateway that encrypts your card details in a secure host environment. If you are a registered member of HOC, we will securely store your credit/debit card details on our systems. These details will be fully encrypted and only used to process card transactions which you have initiated.
    14. Furthermore, we take reasonable care, in so far as it is in our power to do so, to keep the details of your order and payment secure, but in the absence of negligence on our part we cannot be held liable for any loss you may suffer if a third party procures unauthorized access to any data you provide when accessing or ordering from HOC.
    15. You shall pay all applicable taxes relating to the use of the Membership by HOC through your account, and the purchase of any other products or services.
      1. Your Right to Resign: You may resign your Membership by notifying us in writing to the address of HOC in Chai Wan. Our address is: House of Classics, G/F Innovation Factory, Zung Fu House, 60 Ka Yip St, Chai Wan
      2. If you choose to resign your Membership (or your Membership is cancelled part way through the subscription period), HOC will immediately cease providing club benefits. Under these circumstances, unless otherwise approved by HOC, any remaining payments/fees for those package You have joined shall become immediately due and payable and if your package Membership fees has been pre-paid, you shall not be entitled to any refund of all or any of the fees pre-paid.
      3. Members that wish to terminate their Membership must mail us the resignation 2 weeks before the renewal date
      1. Subject to all its other rights and recourses, HOC may, at any time, upon five (5) days’ notice, terminate the Agreement and the Members membership in HOC: (a) you fail to pay any charges due for payment, (b) you no longer meet the Membership Criteria, (c) in our sole discretion, we determine that you have failed to comply with this Agreement, (d) your credit card is declined, or any charges we have attempted to process are not paid, and you do not promptly replace your declined credit card with a valid credit card that we accept associated with a valid credit account, (e) you fail to promptly notify us if your password to the Mobile Website is obtained by any third party, or (f) in our sole discretion, we determine that you have abused your Membership in a way that affects other Members (including, but not limited to, making multiple reservations, regularly returning vehicles late or in an unclean or damaged condition),
      2. Upon termination, you are responsible for all charges incurred by you prior to termination or until you have returned all Vehicles, whichever is later.
      3. Upon such termination, unless otherwise agreed in this Agreement, the former Member shall not be entitled to any refund of all or any of the fees paid for Membership. If HOC terminates this Agreement without cause, then the Member shall be entitled to a refund of the pro-rata Membership fee in proportion to the length of Membership remaining. Further the former Member shall remain responsible for any outstanding fees, costs or expenses including damages caused by them and incurred prior to termination of this Agreement.
      4. This Agreement shall be terminated if HOC, in its sole and absolute discretion, determines that a Member has caused damage to any HOC property including HOC Vehicles on the road or in the HOC provided facilities (regardless of whether HOC has insurance for such damage) and the Member fails to pay the amount of damages specified by HOC within 5 business days after receiving notice of such damage and such amount.
      5. This Agreement shall be automatically and immediately terminated upon written notice by HOC to the Member if the Member (i) is not paying its debts as such debts generally become due, (ii) becomes insolvent, (iii) files or has filed against it a petition (or other document) under any bankruptcy law or similar law that is unresolved within sixty (60) days of the filing of such petition (or document), (iv) proposes any dissolution, liquidation, composition, financial reorganisation or recapitalisation with creditors, (v) makes a general assignment for the benefit of creditors, or (vi) if a receiver, trustee, custodian or similar agent is appointed or takes possession of any of its property or business.
      6. Upon termination, all of the Member’s rights to use HOC’s services and vehicles, if applicable, shall immediately terminate. The Member agrees to return immediately to HOC all access card(s), any vehicle or any other property of HOC it might have in its possession. Additionally, the Member shall be responsible for and agrees to pay any legal fees, court costs or expenses associated with enforcing the terms of this Agreement, whether upon termination or otherwise (including, without limitation, any costs relating to recovering any of the foregoing property or any amounts due and owing to HOC including any claim for damages or reasonable attorneys’ fees).
      1. Members must make bookings for Drive Days at least 48 hours in advance according to the terms and condition under the Booking Agreement set out in Schedule 1 of this Agreement.
      1. HOC reserves the right to suspend or cancel drive days and events in the case of unforeseen circumstances such as inclement weather, natural disasters, war, civil unrest, enforcement of governmental and pandemic related regulations, inadequate participation in events.
      1. Certain events may require an additional fee. Members must pay the full amount prior to the event. Members that do not pay will not be permitted in events
      2. Members are welcome to bring guests to club events. The number of guests that Members can bring to each event will depend on the event
      3. Upon booking, Members will be sent an event confirmation email. Members must bring the confirmation email to show HOC at all events before they are permitted in.
      4. All the booking of other events shall subject to the general terms and condition in Schedule 2 and any other specific terms and conditions for such event.
      1. All invoices by HOC to the Member are due and payable upon presentation and HOC reserves the right not to release the Vehicle to the Member until all sums due and payable from the Member to the HOC have been paid.
      2. All overdue payments owing to the HOC under the terms of membership will carry interest at 1.5% per month after expiration of seven (7) days from the due date until the date of payment (whether before or after judgment). The Member shall pay the HOC’s legal costs and disbursements (on a solicitor and own client basis) and other costs incurred in collecting any sums due to it hereunder.
      1. Limitations of Liability. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL WE BE LIABLE TO YOU OR ANY MEMBER OR ANY THIRD PARTY FOR ANY INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, INCLUDING LOSS OF PROFIT, REVENUE, GOODWILL, BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY OR ANTICIPATED SAVINGS, ARISING FROM OR RELATED TO THIS AGREEMENT OR USE OF THE MEMBERSHIP SERVICES. Without limiting the foregoing, HOC shall have no liability for, and, without limiting the generality of Section 11.3 below, you agree to indemnify and hold us harmless against, any loss of, or damage to, any personal property in or on the Vehicle or in or on any third-party vehicle, loss or damage incurred by the Member as a result of any claims made by a third party, or loss or damage incurred by the Member arising from or in relation to (i) the reservation of a Vehicle, the failure to secure a reservation for a Vehicle for any reason, the non-availability of a particular type of vehicle or our supply of available vehicles (ii) any vehicle accessories, whether supplied by us, by a Member or by a third party (for example, child restraint apparatus, luggage racks, bicycle racks; the Member is responsible for the safe installation of such accessories and must check the condition of such accessories before each use), unless in each case such loss or damage is incurred due to our gross negligence or our willful misconduct.
      2. No Third Party. This Agreement is intended for the benefit of you and HOC only, and no other party may claim rights hereunder, whether as a third-party beneficiary or otherwise. This Agreement is excluded from the application of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Ordinance, Cap. 623.
      3. Indemnification. You shall defend, indemnify and hold HOC harmless from all losses, liabilities, damages, injuries (including death), claims, demands, costs, reasonable attorney fees and other expenses (“Losses”) arising out of any transaction or occurrence related to or connected with in any manner to this Agreement, including without limitation, your breach of this Agreement and the Car Booking Agreement and your operation of a Vehicle.
      1. The rights granted to the Member under this Agreement are not assignable or transferable to third parties, in whole or in part. Any attempt to transfer this Agreement without the written consent of HOC shall be void and of no force and effect.
      2. No delay or omission by HOC to exercise any right or power occurring upon any noncompliance or default by the Member with respect to any of the terms of this Agreement shall impair any such right or power or be construed to be a waiver thereof. Any waiver by HOC of any covenant, condition, or agreement to be performed by the Member shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any prior or subsequent breach of the same, or of any other covenant, condition, or agreement hereunder. Unless stated otherwise, all remedies provided for in this Agreement shall be cumulative and in addition to and not in lieu of any other remedies available to either party at law, in equity or otherwise.
      3. If any term, provision, covenant or condition of this Agreement is held invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remainder of the provisions will continue in full force and effect as if this Agreement had been executed with the invalid portion eliminated. The parties further agree to substitute for the invalid provision a valid provision that most closely approximates the intent and economic effect of the invalid provision.
      4. Nothing contained in these Terms and Conditions shall limit HOC in the exercise of its legal or equitable rights or remedies.
      5. Members acknowledge and agree that HOC reserves the sole and exclusive right to the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions. In the event of any dispute with Members, the determination of HOC of the dispute will be final, without right of further appeal.
      1. The validity and interpretation of this Agreement shall be governed in all respects by the laws of Hong Kong and the Parties shall submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Hong Kong in the event of dispute.
    25. GENERAL
      1. Entire Agreement. This Agreement, along with any amendments hereto, encompasses the entire agreement between you and us, and supersedes all previous understandings and agreements between you and us. You acknowledge and represent that you have not relied on any representation, assertion, guarantee, warranty, collateral contract or other assurance, except those set out in this Agreement, made by or on behalf of HOC prior to the execution of this Agreement
      2. Notifications to HOC. You must notify us in writing using the address applicable to your reservation. Those addresses are noted on our Website under Contact Us. Phone numbers on our Website are provided for your convenience only, and phone calls shall not constitute notice to us.
      3. Headings. The headings of the paragraphs of this Agreement are for convenience only, are not part of this Agreement, and do not in any way limit, modify or amplify the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
      4. Changes to this Agreement. You agree that we may change this Agreement from time to time on a prospective basis by providing you with notice of such changes. For purposes of this provision, notice shall be satisfied by us posting information on our website indicating that this Agreement has changed. By continuing to access or use our Membership, you confirm that you agree to be bound by the modified terms and conditions.
      1. You understand that by checking the box next to “have read and agree to the following documents” and clicking on “Confirm Registration” on your enrolment, you have executed this Agreement and are bound by it.
      2. You have reviewed the HOC Privacy Statement in our website, you understand that by checking the box next to “have read and agree to the HOC Privacy Statement” and clicking on “Confirm” you have agreed to be bound by HOC Privacy Statement. By clicking the box next to “Agree to allow HOC to use my personal data in direct marketing”, you agree we to use your personal data for direct marketing purposes in accordance with the terms set out in the HOC Privacy Statement.
      1. Agreement means this Membership Agreement between you and HOC
      2. Account” means the account created by you upon enrolling online for the Membership and which contains your Profile and will be used to access HOC services.
      3. House of Classics”, “HOC“, or “we”, “us” or “our” has the meaning provided in the preamble.
      4. Cancellation Charges” means the charges imposed by us as defined in the Car Booking Agreement.
      5. Car Booking Agreement” means the agreement by and between you and HOC for the use of a Vehicle under the Membership. The terms and conditions of the Car Booking Agreement are available on the Mobile Website.
      6. Clean driving record” has the meaning provided in Section 2.3.
      7. Communications” means any notices provided by us to you regarding your account or your participation in the Membership, including, but not limited to, emails or text messages we may send you.
      8. Hong Kong” means the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, People’s Republic of China.
      9. Losses” has the meaning set forth in Section 11.3.
      10. Member” means those applicants who are accepted into HOC’s membership. Members are sometimes referred to as ‘Patrons’; both terms are used interchangeably by HOC
      11. Club Manager” means the dedicated representative of HOC that is in charge of handling all day-to-day operations of HOC and servicing all Patron Members. The Club Manager is permanently based at HOC’s headquarters in Chai Wan.
      12. Membership Criteria” has the meaning set forth in Section 2.3.
      13. Member Documents” has the meaning set forth in Section 2.14.
      14. Website” means, the electronic web-based interface which enables you to, among other things, make a reservation for a Vehicle.
      15. Privacy Statement” means our policy regarding the use of personal data of HOC’s members or prospective members of HOC’s membership including your personal data.
      16. Profile” means your online enrolment information, which you initially created when you applied to become a member of HOC’s membership (and any changes subsequently made thereto), and which includes, but is not limited to, the following: (a) your name, (b) your contact information including your address, (c) your payment details, and (d) your driver’s license information.
      17. Security Breach” has the meaning set forth in Section 3.3.
      18. Vehicle” means the vehicle you booked through HOC or its replacement and includes tires, tools, equipment, accessories, plates and car documents.
      19. Drive Day” means the total journey in which a classic car has been booked out for by a Member
      20. Drive Day rate” means the dollar value of each drive day, including any penalties and additional servicing required
      21. Club Event” means a pre-organised gathering for members by HOC.
      22. A “select merchant” is a partner of HOC in which provides privileges for Members of Premium Packages A and B only.
      23. The insurer” refers to the dedicated insurance partner of HOC who is responsible for all drive day claims and liabilities investigations